About Jennifer...

Jennifer Conroy, DrPH, Two Goats Pottery

Hey I'm Jennifer!  

I’m a second generation potter, and thanks to my mother Judy Conroy and her local shop Feats of Clay Pottery, I have spent my life around clay. My hands fell in love with clay when I was 3 years old and my mom got her first pottery wheel. Somewhere between hands and mouth, at that age, my brain rooted itself in the idea of creativity as a way of life.  Forty-some years later, after several careers- as a scientist, business woman and home renovation addict- I’m delighted to have returned to pottery.

As a child and now my pieces have always reflected nature and animals, from which I source my energy. Lately I’m drawn to the simplicity and boldness of large, hand-built bowls. The bowl in the picture reminds me of standing over a pool of crystal clear water, perhaps fed by a glacial stream. It takes me to a soulful, abundant place.

In my life I aspire to bring peace of mind to others. In turning myself over to the clay, my goal is to spend my day rousing the abundance and healing power of nature and Mother Earth, and watching her do her magic.  


My little urban farm is 3 blocks east of downtown in the heart of the east side arts district. When you come you'll see I love to garden, play with clay, and hang out with my entourage: 2 mischievous mini goats, 2 mellow megalodogs, a growing tortoise and about 50,000 honey bees! I’d love to share my space with you, and spend a couple creative hours teaching you how to throw on the wheel and handbuild.

Come play with me!!


Jennifer Conroy